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Naked Panties - leak proof menstrual pants

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Naked Panties will protect you from unpleasant situations.

4 absorbent layers will help to prevent leaks, control germs and maintain a dry feeling.
Wear Naked Panties for double protection with a menstrual cup or instead of a pad/pantie liners.

Only you know what kind of protection you need.

Say goodbye to leaks, give up disposable pads and tampons, and welcome an eco-friendly lifestyle!

PS! Naked Panties don’t give you the feeling of a diaper!

 1st (inner layer) - a soft bamboo fiber, which is liquid-absorbent material what keeps you dry.
2nd layer - a breathable and liquid-absorbent material.
3rd layer - to neutralize the unpleasant odor, breathable and water-repellent material.
4th (outer layer) - a soft cotton material.

Care: After using rinse with cold water, do not soak. Wash now or later with a sensitive program. In washing machine use cold water and a sensitive program. To keep your panties in good shape for longer, it is recommended to wash them in the laundry bag.  Do not use fabric softener; it may reduce product functions. Hang dry, reuse, repeat!

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