My Cycle Journey

My Cycle Journey

I got my first period around my 12th birthday. For the first few years I didn’t notice any problems, but when I turned 15, I experienced abdominal pain for the first time. It was so severe that I ended up calling an ambulance. 

Later on, I was told that it was period pain. Doctors advised me that this is normal and that’s how the period should be and to ‘suck it up’ like everyone else. I got the same answer and reaction from every single doctor I visited over the next 12 years (from at least 15 different doctors). I was prescribed contraceptive pills and told that they would help. But no, they didn’t, and I kept suffering indescribable pain every single month. I was never able to go to school (later to work) during my first few days of period. Unfortunately, the pills didn’t provide me with any relief from the pain, I only experienced side effects, so I decided to quit those at the age of 19.  

Fast forward 2018 when I had just turned 26, I had reached my limits. My pains had gotten so severe they were unbearable. I had googled my symptoms and was convinced I had endometriosis, so I convinced my doctor to send me to get laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). I was right, I was diagnosed with stage 3. endometriosis and POCS. 

After that I was put on hormonal therapy, and I didn’t get my periods anymore – no period no problem, hey?  

2019 after a year of being on hormonal therapy, I felt worse than ever before and I decided to quit, because my health had drastically declined. I had food intolerances, allergies, depression, mood swings, very low immune system, picking up any virus out there. So, I started doing my own research, I knew there would be a better solution. AND THERE WAS! That’s where it all started and little did, I know this will lead me to period and hormonal nutrition coaching. Since 24th of February 2019 I have read every period book, completed courses, read every research, visited naturopaths, tried alternative therapies and spiritual practises. And as a bonus to my own experience I’ am a soon to be internationally certified nutritionist.

It’s safe to say I know the period struggle firsthand - feeling like nobody understands you, doctors think that you’re making symptoms and problems up. I know how much this impacts your everyday life and how it has already become a ‘normal’ for you. Luckily, I also know, that there is a fix, it’s not a quick one, but I promise if you take small steps every day the award is rewarding.   

Do you often feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster? One week you’ve got “it” all under control, but then the next week you feel like a total wreck and can’t keep it together emotionally and/or physically? Do you have many different health concerns that you wouldn’t even relate to menstruation and hormonal imbalances? Have you tried every diet under the sun, without achieving desired results? You don’t have to suffer; you can get all these symptoms under control.

If you wish to take the first step toward healthier, better, and happier you, then start from a hormone supporting and inflammation reducing nutrition plan.

You can find my How To Balance Your Hormones & Repair Your Period Nutritional Guide on my web page main menu, under the programs and e-shop. 

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