Hi there, I'm Maria.

 I'm a women’s coach and menstrual cycle awareness advocate with a focus on endometriosis, hormones, nutrition and women’s health. 

I have made it my mission to coach women through health, hormonal and period related problems. 

All my biggest health concerns have started from hormonal imbalances, due to which I’ve experienced many periodrelated issues, such as endometriosis and PCOS, that have led to weight problems, food intolerances, mood swings during period and PMS and severe pain during periods and ovulation.  

I want to prove to you, that your menstrual cycle is an amazing gift! And teach you how to live your life without period pains, fatigue, bloating and other PMS symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

My Cycle Journey…

How To Balance Your Hormones & Repair Your Period Nutritional Guide is for you, if:

🩸You experience painful periods

🩸You have endometriosis or PCOS

🩸You have irregular periods and/or skip periods

🩸You experience spotting before or after your period (for example, during ovulation)

🩸You experience heavy vaginal discharge

🩸You have tried different dies and training programs to lose weight, but never saw results

🩸You’re constantly tired and/or don’t sleep well

🩸You feel tired or ‘heavy’ after eating

🩸You have uncontrollable cravings

🩸You get really bloated after eating

🩸You have other PMS symptoms like headaches, sensitivity in breasts, brain fog, anxiety, stress, acne, etc.

🩸You suffer from yeast infections